Phamily®, unveiled in 2023, is Phabuilder's ambitious new endeavor, where we leverage our extensive PHA expertise and rich material archives to establish the most comprehensive, innovative biodegradable PHA material development hub globally.
Phabuilder's Phamily® is your go-to platform for custom PHA material solutions. Designed to ignite innovation, we provide a full range of high-quality, biodegradable PHA materials, along with comprehensive support to researchers and businesses worldwide." Click to learn more about Emily ® Brand Holder Micro Structure Workshop
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From how the microbes got to the PHA
Harnessing three decades of innovation in PHA bioengineering, Phabuilder transformed Halomonas bacteria from Aydingkol Lake into custom-crafted powerhouses. Our unique strains deliver an unparalleled variety of PHA types and families. This engineered transformation significantly boosts overall bio-fermentation efficiency and product extraction, substantially reducing production costs.
With Tsinghua University: achieving mass production of high transparency degradable materials With Engelbart: promoting the development of synthetic biology in sewage treatment
Developed a new type of biosensor with high sensitivity for smart cell factory with collaborators Announced strategic collaboration with North China Pharmaceutical Company to promote the industrial development of pharmaceutical small molecule materials
Won 1st prize in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhong-Guo-Chuang-Yi)
Won MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies
Invested in a joint venture “Phangel” with Angel Yeast to build a 10/kt annum plant
Announced strategic collaboration with Tongjieliang to promote PHA/PLA blends in the textile fiber market
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