Shipping Policy

This website is a self-built and self-operated website of Phamily®, which only displays and sells products of our company, and does not provide other business entities with services such as network business premises, transaction aggregation, and information dissemination.

Customers are required to log in to their registered accounts to place orders when purchasing products, so please keep your account and password information in a safe place.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the customer and the Company, the customer's ordering of products on this website implies the customer's acceptance of Phamily's general sales terms and conditions. The product information together with the Phamily® General Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute the complete contract between the parties. The main purpose of this website is to improve the efficiency through the customer's own order, the rest of the logistics and distribution, payment of goods, invoicing and other matters are carried out offline.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales representatives and customer service department.

Will be shipped to you as soon as possible

All items will ship in 3-14 business days.